Membership in the Plympton-Wyoming Historical Society (PWHS) is open to any individual who is interested in our objectives and supports our constitution. Membership is $20 per year.

Classes of Membership:

  • Active: Such memberships shall comprise any persons who are residents in Lambton County or who are interested in the objectives of the Society. Such person can be sponsored by the Society members or may apply directly to the Society.

  • Associate: Such membership shall be granted to any member of any active Historical Society. Such a member must hold a current membership card or other proof of membership to be accepted.

  • Junior: Such membership may be granted by the Society to any person who is interested in furthering the objectives of the Society, who is resident in Lambton County and who is a student in an elementary or high school, collegiate, community college or university.

Membership in the PWHS entitles members to free admission to all museums in Lambton County and to attendance at its monthly meetings (See "Meetings" on this website for further details).

Please contact us if you are interested in joining our Society.